Saturday, 1 August 2015

Talent Time Jakarta ! 2016 Competition

Jakarta, the seat of power and talent, encapsulates the Indonesian spirit of "many yet one." Indonesia is an archipelago consisting of thousands of beautiful islands, rich in natural resources and diverse in culture. Formerly Batavia, capital city of the Dutch East Indies (1619–1949), the wealth of the city grew with the spice trade. Jakarta's influence and boundaries extend well beyond its physical area over the 252 million population of the entire nation. Religious institutions, Political parties,  Local Conglomerates, foreign multi national corporations, civil society and more jostle and interact in the city, as done for centuries.   Talent is abundant and matching talent to opportunities are what cities are ordained for. The higher calling is to elevate societal well-being whist empowering and improving oneself over time. Jakarta, has seen rapid progress recently with fresh political energy and confidence. Innovation, entrepreneurship and start ups thrive in such an upswing in any economy, especially with a great hinterland and relatively affordable costs. It's Talent Time! for Jakarta

This year's competition highlight is on creating hard and soft infrastructure to nurture and grow Talent. Innovation centers, research & development, entrepreneur hubs and more are needed urgently. Building on current wave of enterprise and "get-go" spirit, the task at hand is to think through processes and networks that can nurture Talent, then to build supporting structures (physical or non-physical) to enable it. Jakarta is getting to be future ready, and well poised to do so in the very near term. Many talents one purpose for growth and well being!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Stage 4: "manila models" at National Libraries in Singapore

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All winners! welcome address by Philippines Embassy in Singapore

Stage 3: Ideas translated via Model Making@ SCAPE

Stage 2: Technical Q&A and Spellbinding Presentations!

Winners of the Young Mayor Competition 2015

Congratulations to the following winners of the Young Mayor Competition, "Planning a Clean and Green Township, City Beautiful Manila, Philippines;


Champion : Singapore School of Manila, Bayanihan
First Runners Up : Global Indian International School, Mayors of Manila
Second Runners Up : St Joseph's Institution, Building Blocks


Champion : Hwa Chong Institution
First Runners Up : Dunman High School - The Manila Planners
Second Runners Up : River Valley High School - Davilla


Champion : Temasek Polytechnic - TP-GBS 2015
First Runners Up : Ngee Ann Polytechnic - Better Manila
Second Runners Up : Temasek Polytechnic - Team EVD


Future Young Mayor
Luigi Anton S Alcaneses, Ateneo High School

Most Convincing Pitch
Lim Sui Kiat, River Valley High School - Team EnviroChamp

Most Innovative Model Township
UTM, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor Bahru - Group 2

Best Prototype
Temasek Polytechnic - TP-GBS 2015

Judges' Pick
University of Santa Tomas

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Winner of the Open Category! MIRIAM COLLEGE

Miriam College

Arrieta, Melinda Beatriz Cadaing, Patricia Ann Dela Paz, 
Maria Angelica Gawilan, Liwayway Layug, Maria Cerise Tagalo, Astin

Sunday, 8 March 2015

We welcome the following schools to Singapore!

Junior Category 
De La Salle
District IV School
Singapore School Manila (Bayanihan)
Manila Science High School
Ateneo de Manila High School
British School Manila (Team Manille)
Senior Category A 
Xavier High School
Lyceum of the Philippines University
Senior Category B 
Ateneo de Manila University
University of Santo Tomas

Monday, 26 January 2015

Business Mirror: A new Manila envisioned by students

Photo: Rita Dy, Sylvia Tay, Melissa del Rosario, and Abril Rivera are working together to bring the best Philippine teams of students to a town planning competition in Singapore
MANY foreigners simply see Manila as an entryway to the rest of the Philippines. Upon their arrival at any of the terminals of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, they board a connecting flight that takes them to popular destinations in the Philippines. Manila is simply a transit point from one destination to another. However, the organizers of City Beautiful Manila, Young Mayor Competition, a town planning competition that will be held in Singapore in April 2015, see differently. Rather, they see Manila for what it is: a city rich in cultural heritage that served as the center of life in the Philippines since pre-colonial times.
The Singaporean Activistar Advocacy, a private-sector initiative, hopes to stimulate the minds of students from ages 14 to 20 in visualizing how a particular city should be designed to be sustainable and environment-friendly. Activistar’s CEO Sylvia Tay emphasizes that the future of today’s city lies in the hands of today’s young since they will be assuming important positions in government and industry. Future decisions on how the way people will be living in the future would be in the hands of these students.
This is the fifth year Activistar is holding this town planning competition. In the past years, it has encouraged students to reimagine the cities of Hanoi, Iskandar Johor, and Yangon. Manila was chosen for its vibrancy as a city and its position in the Asian region. The group is now going from school to school, both private and public, announcing the project to students in both high school and collegiate levels. Tay says she hopes to bring at least 10 teams to Singapore for the finals on April 4 and 5, 2015.
The contest has three parts: proposal writing, where teams of 4-6 students will submit a 15-page proposal for prejudging; a multimedia presentation for shortlisted proposals; and 3D model-making. Scores from the three parts will be added to determine the winner. The final two parts of the contest will be held in Singapore. Tay says the competition not only offers students a chance to test their ideas with students from other parts of the world, but it also exposes Manila to the world market as a suitable destination in Asia, one that has numerous attractions that should interest both young and old.
For inquiries about the competition, visit 
For inquiries about sponsorship,email
Suzette Jessica

Sunday, 25 January 2015


7 FEBRUARY 2015, 0800 – 1430
Auditorium 2nd Level, The Mind Museum,
J.Y Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, Taguig City.
Metro Manila, Philippines


0800 – 0815 : Competition Briefing (15 mins)
                     By Geraldine Sim - Director, Activistar Advocacy

0815 – 0910 : Introduction to Urban Planning in the Philippines and discussion about Traffic Management                                (55 mins)
                     By Prof. Nathaniel Von Einsiedel - Chairman, Principal Urban Planner, CONCEP.

0910 – 1000 : Urban Design: Postcards from the Future (50 mins)
                     By Arch. Felino "Jun" Palaxfox - Palafox Associates

1000 – 1010 : Break (10 mins)

1010 – 1100 : Heritage and Conservation: The case for Manila City (50 mins)
                     By Gemma Cruz Araneta, Chair; Ms Isidra Reyes - Heritage Conservation Society

1100 – 1115 : Q & A

1115 – 1200 : Lunch Break

1200 – 1240 : Environmental Law: What is it and how is it implemented? (40 mins)
                    By Atty. Donna Zapa – Gasgonia - Office of the City of Manila.

1240 – 1320 : The Singapore Story - Modern Metropolis, Bustling City and Future Ready Infrastructure (40 mins)
                    By Daniel Tay - Town Planner, Activistar Pte Ltd Singapore

1320 – 1400 : Sustainable Manila and Future Development (40 mins)
                     By Arch. Dennis Lacuna - Town Planner, Office of the City of Manila.

1400 – 1415 : Q & A

1415 – 1430 : Closing Notes

1430 – 1700 : Visit The Mind Museum at leisure.