Monday 15 August 2011


Activistar, the organiser of "Planning A Clean & Green Township" will be presenting on designing sustainably for the tourism industry at the American Chamber of Commerce.

Daniel Tay will speak to a group of decision makers in the hospitality industry on setting the importance on the environment from the planning stage and modeling it for a sustainable future.

The Green agenda and eco-movement is not an uncommon feature in the hospitality industry. Eco-resorts, sustainable development, saving water, less shampoo, turtle conservation funds and other eco-projects all contribute in bits and bytes, and are implemented eagerly by management, staff and guests. However, there are more grounds to cover if hotels, resorts and developments tie in to the regional master plans or in simpler words, "the bigger regional picture." This methodology often reduces duplication, involves shared resources and creates better natural and human communities. Several regional planning concepts such as New Urbanism and Designing with Nature will be introduced as well as a current case study in North Vietnam.

Town planning is a whole system interlinked to form a working city. It involves placing of housing, transportation, commercial, industrial, enviromental,energy, water and much more to form a urban solution to meet the needs of a population. Tourism has to be considered to enhance the cultural and historical aspect of a city, hence it is important to find this balance in the urban solution.

"Tying in Developments to the Greater Green Master Plan" will be held on 1 Sept 2011 at the AmCham Boardroom

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