Tuesday 19 July 2011

Encouraging support from schools!

ASSEMBLY has been receiving wonderful response from our schools to participate in "Planning A Clean & Green Township". The feedback we get from teachers and principals have been very positive. Thanks to their understanding for the need to create an awareness within our youths to keep our planet green by starting from creating sustainable cities, ASSEMBLY is able to move full steam ahead with our competition.

ASSEMBLY therefore want to take this opportunity to say Thank You to our participants from :

1)Hwa Chong Institution
2)Hwa Chong JC
3)Raffles JC
4)ACS International
5)ACS Independent

ASSEMBLY is in the midst of getting more schools to partipate in "Planning A Clean & Green Township" from local heartland and IP schools, international schools as well as tertiary schools to engage in this educational experience. We promise you fun and creativity in this competition.

We sincerely encourage our youths to participate in this competition so that they will cultivate a deeper sentiment towards a greener Earth. Cities are the most populated areas on earth and this is where it should be well planned, developed and maintain to ensure a sustainable environment for ALL. Learn and make a difference now.

We urge all schools to register soon at this link : http://assembly.activistar-ads.com/pages/downloads

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